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France is Ready to Grow the Game

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Bonjour everyone, and greetings from France!

France is well-known worldwide for several reasons: the Eiffel Tower, its incredible variety of cheeses, wines, pastries or even bread. Oh, and I almost forgot mentioning unshaved women and an unfaithful President. But one thing that would certainly not come to people’s mind when thinking about the country of romance is Lacrosse. But after all, a French Jésuit missionary, Jean de Brébeuf, gave the game its modern name in 1637: lacrosse comes from the french “Jeu de la crosse” which can literally be translated into “the game of the stick”.

Since we named it, why not play the game?

The Creator’s game indeed made it overseas, and spread over Europe as fast as a Frenchman running away from danger. Lacrosse was first introduced in France by François Labbé, a former hockey player. He founded the first french lacrosse club in 2007 in Lille, a northern French city, quickly followed by the creation of the Paris team during the same year. The relevant governing sport body, the French Lacrosse Association (no Federation as of now) was established in January 2008. It took between 1 and 2 years to the french lacrosse community to notice the arrival of 2 new clubs, respectively based in Nevers (2009) and in Lyon (2010).

The year 2012 was definitely the most remarkable of all because it saw the creation of no less than 4 lacrosse teams: the Briançon club, the Gaillan club, the Roanne club as well as the Valenciennes club. Yes, I know, that is a lot of new places to deal with: but no worries, just scroll down and have a look at the map to freshen up your french geography memories.

Map of French lacrosse teams

Lacrosse exists in France, that is a fact, but its development and growth is not as fast nor as efficient as we (the french lacrosse community) would like it to be: this is due to legislative, administrative and cultural reasons, but I will not bore you out with details. But as for many rising lacrosse countries, what we really truly lack of are people with the expertise, the knowledge of the game.

This a call to arms, a call to action to anyone who would like to get involved with France Lacrosse: players, coaches, for short or long periods of time, to organize clinics or to be part of a team. Do not, however, think that this article (and is only about attracting long time lacrosse players/coaches: everyone is welcome to join us, even people who have never played the game before. That is what growing the game is all about: developing the skills of actual players while constantly attracting new and fresh recruits, as well as bringing awareness of the existence of lacrosse to the French community.

NB: You do not need to speak french to join us! You just have to believe in our mission to Grow the Game in France!

Visit the French lacrosse website or like them on Facebook for more information.

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